Aluminium Benefits

light strong aluminium

Aluminium - The Material of Choice

Tomorrow`s products require materials fulfilling the highest demands:

Lightweight, yet robust, easy to work, suitable for the whole host of applications and at the same time economical in manufacturing and use. Aluminium can easily satisfy those demands and additionally has the following qualities:

  • excellent processing qualities
  • long life
  • easy to recycle
  • two thirds lighter than steel
  • optimum surface finishing
aluminium is light

Aluminium can meet those requirements so much better than most other materials thanks to considerable energy savings in the course of a long service life, mainly due to its lightweight.


Aluminium is geared towards the future: Aerospace solutions would be unthinkable without aluminium, in architecture, transport, electronics and many other fields, light weight has become a vital necessity and an important aspect in the climate change efforts.


aluminium recycling

Modern aluminium alloys are around two thirds lighter than steel and can withstand extreme thermal and mechanical strain. Depending on the alloy, strength and surface, aluminium alloys are corrosion-resistant and will last for decades. Economic and ecological bonus points are achieved by efficiency in production and low maintenance costs.

A special advantage of used aluminium products is their excellent ability to be reutilised. Without any deterioration in quality, the same or other equally high quality products can be made from recycled aluminium.