Stretch Forming

Stretch Forming of Aluminium is the most accurate, repeatable and quickest of the forming processes. There are a number of benefits to this process, in particular greater control of accuracy achieving closer tolerance than that of the other forming methods.

Stretch forming can be applied to a wide range of sections making the process very flexible to a wide range of applications and industries. It is an ideal solution even for small to medium size batch quantities and can be cost effective on a “one off contract” such as a new architectural project or construction build.

Parts are predominately produced in pairs in one single forming operation so ideal for symmetrical parts made from the same section which in turn reduces the cost.

ABL have invested in new up to date technology incorporating a fully controlled 2 axis forming machine that is capable of 8 axis forming- four axis on the base of the machine and two on each side.

The control parameters can be set to incorporate compression bending to give tighter corner radii – overcoming the limitations of material yield strength.

stretch forming machine