Machining, or fabrication / milling, plays a major part in most aluminium extrusion component work. ABL will often machine aluminium extrusion components where the fabrication detail cannot pre-designed into the aluminium extrusion profile shape itself.

Machining can be done on a wide range of machines such as CNC equipment, drills, tapping machines, punches or presses. The choice of machine is determined by

  • the amount of components to be produced
  • the batch quantities
  • the actual fabrication detail involved
  • the quality requirements
  • component tolerances

ABL Components has a large range of equipment which is capable of fabricating / milling a wide variety of aluminium extrusions to short and long length component requirements. The ability to also machine components which also need to be a high surface finish means ABL offers one of the most comprehensive machining facilities for aluminium extrusions in the country.

aluminium extrusion machining

Aluminium Extrusion and Component Machining

CNC Machines

ABL has increased the capability of the Mecal and can now machine aluminium extrusions up to 14,000mm long!!

Fanuc vertical machining centres x5 (3 fitted with pallet changers)
x = 500mm, y = 380mm, z = 300mm

Mazak VTC-20C vertical machining centre
x = 1500mm, y = 510mm, z = 640mm

Mecal MC304 x2 4 axis machining centre
x = 7200mm, y = 450mm, z = 200mm, a = 180° (+/- 90°)

Mecal MC307 Falcon 4 axis machining centre
X = 4.200mm, y = 530mm, z = 400mm, a = 180° (+/- 90°)

Hurco VMX60 vertical machining centre
X = 1500mm, y = 660mm, z = 610mm

Hurco VMX 42Mi vertical machining centre
X = 1066mm, y = 610mm, z = 610mm


Presses & Drills

  • Power Presses 25t to 70t
  • Manual fly presses
  • Pedestal Drills

On many occasions if the machining is quite simple then aluminium extrusion or components can be punched or drilled at very competitive rates, especially if high volumes are involved.

ABL designs its own tools to ensure excellent quality components are produced to tight tolerances from aluminium extrusions, castings or sheet. This ensures that we keep set-up prices as low as possible which is particularly important for new products or projects, low quantity parts and product development or prototyping.