Aluminium Extrusion Cutting & De-burring


APS cut off saws (x3)
Cut length 6mm to 5950mm
Widths up to 400mm (for 100mm deep profile)

Elumatec DG 142 Double mitre saw
Cut lengths (for double mitre operation) 306mm to 3000mm
Incline 45° to 90°

Elumatec MGS245 Compound mitre saw (x 2)
Pivot min. 17°, max. 163°
Incline 45° to 90°
Cut length 10mm to 4500mm

De-burring equipment employed at ABL includes;
RSA Rasamat de-bur stations x 2
Manual de-bur machines x 2
Rosler vibro de-bur barrels x 3

We typically cut over 1 million pieces of aluminium extrusion or components each year!!

Sawing plays a major part in all aluminium extrusion component work. ABL will always cut long length aluminium extrusions which are produced at optimum long lengths to keep costs down. These are then cut to the required component length to agreed tolerances.

ABL Components has a large range of saws which are capable of cutting a wide variety of small and wide aluminium extrusions to short and long length component requirements.

The ability to saw mitre cut and compound mitre cut aluminium extrusion components means ABL offers one of the largest sawing capabilities in the UK!

Typical tolerances achieved are to +/- 0.2mm (depending on the overall length of the cut part).

Tighter tolerances can be achieved if required by employing a higher frequency of inspection and using gauging jigs.

ABL recognises that the removal of sharp edges is of vital importance to our customers and this is achieved through the combination of appropriate de-burring equipment and highly skilled staff.