Aluminium Extrusion and Component Assembly

aluminium components assembly

ABL offers an assembly service which generally involves combining aluminium components made in-house with a variety of bought in components such as plastics, castings, sheet metal, etc. Some customers issue assembly components on a free issue basis but most prefer ABL to manage their bills of materials for them.

Assembly operations include:

  • Mechanical jointing
  • Adhesive bonding
  • Mig and Tig welding (aluminium and steel)

In many cases ABL assembles, packs and labels the finished part or component into a boxed assembly which is packed precisely to the customer specification, branded in their name and containing all fitting / handling instructions as required. This is then despatched direct to the final customer, either consumers or retailers, improving lead times, saving costs of handling & storage and reducing customers’ working capital requirements.

Because ABL often handles aluminium extrusion components which are aesthetically demanding and where the surface finish is critical, then we have an excellent capability in assembling parts which are used in visually demanding applications.

Quite often ABL will establish boundary samples with our clients so that there is clarity on what the surface finish of the finished aluminium extrusion components should be.