Aluminium Polishing

aluminium polishing

We polish aluminium extrusions, aluminium sheet and castings every day, supplying a vast range of domestic, consumer, retail and industrial sectors.

Polishing capability is also provided in-house. We serve a high number of market sectors where very high quality polishing is required – e.g. top range radiators and furniture markets.

ABL can offer the appropriate supporting QA documentation for anodising and polishing processes which allows us to supply the automotive industry, where process capability is key.

Because ABL often handles aluminium extrusion components which are aesthetically demanding and where the surface finish is critical, then we have an excellent capability in polishing and assembling parts which are used in visually demanding applications.

Quite often ABL will establish boundary samples with our clients so that there is clarity on what the surface finish of the final polished aluminium extrusion components should be.