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Aluminium Extrusion Component Quality

"ABL takes quality seriously because we know it is of vital importance to our customers. Quality is the reliable supply of exactly what our customers want, exactly when they want it. Achieving high levels of quality comes from a culture of people caring about what they do and caring about keeping customers happy. I believe ABL has that culture".
Stephen Richardson, Managing Director

ABL is very proud of the services it provides to the automotive industry – many of the vehicles seen on the UK’s roads will have aluminium extrusion components supplied by us. Whether it is supplying chassis systems, trims, steering columns or a whole range of automotive components, ABL has experience in offering high quality solutions.

Modern machinery

Our investment in modern, efficient machinery provides highly repeatable quality products whilst our special purpose machines will produce high volume components. Prototypes can be produced with a short lead time and we can assist with rapid implementation of design modifications.

ISO 9001 registered

Quality team

Ultimately, these strengths result in our ability to provide and guarantee reliable and repeatable processes, allowing you to be confident that you will receive the right product to the agreed quality. We have a dedicated Quality team who oversee all activities and processes undertaken – obviously everyone is responsible for quality and we spend much time training and ensuring we have the correctly documented QA standards for every aluminium extrusion component we produce, no matter which member of our team produces it.

Our Quality team co-ordinates our work towards all the quality standards we maintain and are independently audited for. The company is fully conversant with APQP disciplines & the important administration required for this.

ABL is certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and also adopts Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) procedures to ensure its processes are controlled, capable and repeatable.

High vendor rating

ABL is also very proud of our proven record of high vendor rating scores and low PPM’s which we achieve across the millions of aluminium extrusion components we have supplied. A further benefit of our close supply chain management within the automotive sector is that naturally we apply this quality ethos and attention to detail to all the other market sectors and customers we serve.

All in all, ABL has the capabilities and experience to offer you the very best value service around to the quality standards you demand. Put very simply – allow us to let you concentrate on your core business activities and you can be confident that we’ll supply you with the right quality each and every time.

Many of ABL’s customers operate vendor rating systems and the company regularly achieves "A" grades, which is very rewarding. However, sometimes things go wrong and in these instances, ABL takes the matter very seriously, working doubly hard to identify the source of a problem and ensuring that appropriate measures are put in place to prevent the problem recurring.