Aluminium Extrusion and Components Storage & Logistic Services

aluminium components logistics

With over 50,000 ft2 of space and a dedicated 12,000 ft2 warehouse, ABL has the capacity to hold finished and raw materials for customers, thereby reducing time and working capital needed in the supply chain.

We often enter into consignment stock arrangements where we hold long length and finished aluminium profiles which have been designed specifically for our customers.

ABL's spacious warehouse, with easy access for large capacity trailers, also offers the ability to manage metal on behalf of customers, on a free-issue basis.

Storage for Aluminium Extrusions and Component Assemblies

A large investment in bespoke racking has increased capacity and ABL's capability to carefully store aluminium extrusion, components, castings, sheet and steel products.

Safe, Dry Storage

With aluminium prices running at historically high levels, the security of metal storage is an increasingly important issue. ABL has the capacity to store all its metal, regardless of whether it is owned or free-issued, inside and under cover where it is protected by a 24 hour modern CCTV and alarm system. Protection from theft is clearly one issue but just as important is protection from the elements. The storage of metal inside ensures it remains dry and minimises the risk of deterioration through corrosion. This is of particular importance for metal going into decorative components as any corrosion is liable to render the extrusion as costly scrap.

Delivery / Despatch

Receiving and despatching transport ranging from small vans through to 40ft trailers, decanting and loading all materials, components and long lengths of aluminium extrusion is a daily activity.

Optimised mill sourcing

A major benefit of ABL sourcing hundreds of  tonnes of aluminium extrusion means that we have the experience and contacts of dealing with aluminium extrusion mills based all around the world. Many of these have specific technical capabilities for certain types of extrusion needs and so we can build on our many years of dealing with these mills to ensure we align your bespoke aluminium extrusion profile requirements with the best raw material supplying mill. ABL will take responsibility for managing all the quality elements to ensure we convert the aluminium extrusion profile into the best possible added value component.

Flexible logistics support

ABL is also well-versed in managing customers’ schedules and we provide consignment stock arrangements for a wide range of different market sectors. We are able to offer logistics support including linking our manufacturing IT system into our customers to ensure excellent delivery performance and avoiding costly administration. On a daily basis we handle complicated bill of material schedules with hundreds of different parts.

You can be assured that customer’s own raw material (free issue aluminium extrusion) will be handled with the same care as our own. Because we handle a great deal of overseas trade (both inbound and export) we have excellent capability in handling 40 foot trailers.

Put simply, ABL has the space, capacity and competence to handle all your aluminium extrusion component needs!